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Do you have questions about buying a home?

Then you have come to the right place

Feel free to call for a no-obligation chat about your home purchase.

I am available every day from 8.00 - 21.00.

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What is a buyer advisor?

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. A property transaction is also a complicated process, where there are many rules and pitfalls. The seller has his estate agent, who must advise him and look after his interests.


That is why you need to have an experienced, professional and industry-savvy person by your side. And that is what you call a buyer's adviser or a buyer's broker in everyday speech. The buyer's adviser is your impartial adviser who gives you help and security when you have to buy a house, apartment or holiday home.


As a buyer, you have plenty to think about when buying a new home. Decisions must be made regarding financing, insurance, loan types, etc. For this, you will be handed a quantity of documentation such as a sales report, condition report, Energy Label, BBR, easements, etc. It can all seem overwhelming and unmanageable when there are so many things to read and put get into.


My best advice to you as a buyer is to simply take a deep breath and break the process down into small steps. Get professional legal and financial help so you can concentrate on planning the move.

Just start buying!

If you want to associate us as an adviser on your home purchase, you do not need to contact us before you sign the purchase agreement. We handle all new trades from day to day.

You simply have to ask the broker to insert a consultant reservation in the purchase agreement.

We create the case and contact you when we receive the documents including the signed purchase agreement from the participating real estate agent.

When a consultant reservation has been inserted in the purchase agreement, you are not bound to the purchase until we have reviewed the transaction with you and approved it vis-à-vis the seller.

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