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First time buyer?

Get a safe purchase and the best possible buying experience!

We are specialists in guiding first-time buyers safely through the entire buying process. 

Hear what our customers say about our buyer advice

Looking for your first home?

It can be scary to venture into the housing market - and especially if it is the first time. The media write about all the cases where things go badly and where the buyer has "bought the cat in the bag".


It doesn't have to be that way. It is a fact, however, that the estate agent is employed by the seller to look after the seller's interests. Therefore, you may be presented with the information you need, but certainly not in an unbiased way. 

You therefore need your own professional and impartial adviser. Hjælp til huskøb (Help with buying a house) has the mission to ensure that you, as a home buyer, get the best deal on the best terms! 

You get​ assurance based on over 20 years of experience helping home buyers find their dream home. You get a personal hotline that you can call with any questions. I answer every day from 9.00 - 21.00. 

Call me on 93930678 today to find out what I can help you with in your home purchase.

You get a good overview of the consequences of your home purchase. You are in safe hands all the way through the process, and I take care of all the administrative work and ensure that everything goes as it should. I fully understand that the buying process as a first-time buyer can be long and full of new things to familiarize yourself with. There are many things to keep in mind when buying a home, but we help you through the process painlessly.

As your buyer's advisor, I help explain all trade terms so that they are understandable. If you wonder what are words mean, you can look it up in our "Home buyers FAQ".

The phases of the home purchase

With Hjælp til huskøb by your side, you get one contact person who knows you and the housing market, and who is with you every step of the way – so you get the best deal on the best terms

We help you with a free purchase screening before the showing, so you know what to look for.

1 | Find your dream home

Let a professional handle the negotiation for you. We negotiate the best deal in place for you.

2 | Get the deal in place

Your buyer's agent reviews all the property's documents and advises you on the contents. You get peace of mind and security and save time and money with our impartial advice.

3 | Get advice on the purchase

Sit back safely and dream of your new home - Hjælp til huskøb has control over the buying process.​

4| Prepare the move

Our services include

Buying real estate should be a joyful process, where you primarily have to think about colors on the walls and where the sofa should be. You should avoid wasting time and money by not having the right adviser.


As a buyer, you have plenty to think about when buying a new home. Decisions must be made regarding financing, insurance, loan types, etc. For this, you will be handed a quantity of documentation such as a sales report, condition report, Energy Label, BBR, easements, etc. It can all seem overwhelming and unmanageable when there are so many things to read and put get into.


My best advice to you as a buyer is simply to take a deep breath and break the process down into small steps. Get professional legal and financial help so you can concentrate on planning the move.

Below I have divided the purchase process, so that you as a buyer have the best opportunity to get an overview and peace of mind about your purchase and can experience it as a pleasant process.

Image of Steffens house

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Nicolai as he has assisted me with two house purchases. Nicolai keeps track of things and is a great help in the process!"

Mikkel, Horsens

What will you get using a buyers agent?

When you go out and buy a home, it is probably the biggest investment you will make. Buying real property in Denmark is also a very complicated process, where there are many rules you must be aware of.

The seller has his real estate agent to lean on. As a home buyer, you should have a buyers agent which ensures you a safe home purchase. As a buyer's agent, I give you insight into both the practicalities, but also in particular the legal elements of your property transaction. The seller's real estate agent must follow the legislation and explain to you about the house you are about to buy. It is one thing to comply with the legislation, but another thing is to be advised about what the meaning is for you. It is only with your own buyer's agent that you get thorough knowledge of the property you are about to buy.

My buyer advice gives you peace of mind. I explain what you are about to buy and I do it in a language that is understandable. My advice is based on your needs and wishes. I am on your side throughout the entire purchase process. I will explain the rules of the Danish housing market and the documents that are presented to you.

Hjælp til huskøb offers to help you with or to take care of the price negotiation for you. You get a professional dealer on your side if you wish. You are more likely to make a good deal if you have me on the sideline when you want to bid on the house. You get the best advice from me before you sign the purchase agreement!

I am 100% independent in my advice. I only advise home buyers, who in turn receive advice on everything related to the home purchase. When you use Hjælp til huskøb, you get in-depth legal advice and assurance that nothing is hidden in the transaction's documents. We go through all the home's documents and I will review the relevant documents with you, so you know the home you are about to buy.

Contact Hjælp til huskøb for a clarification of what I can help you with. I am liability insured on an equal footing with real estate agents and lawyers, so you can be confident in my advice.

What is the price of our buyer advice? Look further at the page with prices for my services. Here you can also get an overview of what you get for the money as well as an overview of the legal aspects that most often ac,company a home purchase. 

If you want to read more about why you should use a buyer's agent, you can read the article: Why you need a buyer's agent.

Do you have questions about your home purchase?

Then you have landed in the right place

Contact me for a non-binding chat about what I can help you with.


I am ready by the phone every day from 8.00 - 21.00.

Call 9393 0678

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