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Buyer advice when buying 

Hjælp til huskøb ensures you a safe process with complete and unbiased buyer advice.

I will take care of all the legal and practical aspects of your next home purchase. It is my job to make sure that you get through the home purchase well and safely.

I offer one360 degree consultancy, which covers everything you can come across in a home sale. You get an advisor with many years of experience who covers everything which has to do with the home purchase.


Hjælp til huskøb offers:

  • Free screening of the purchase agreement before signing

  • Professional price negotiation or presentation so that you can handle the negotiation yourself

  • Jlegal review of all the housing's documents

  • Buying guide for the property you are about to buy

  • 20 years of experience with the housing market
  • Professional liability insurance

  • Personal advisor throughout the home purchase

Have you received a purchase agreement for signature?

Then Hjælp til huskøb offers to make a free and non-binding screening of the purchase agreement for you before you sign it.

YOU can be assured that I will subsequently have time to review the content with you before the agreement is finally binding on you. I have the opportunity to return to the seller with any corrections to the agreement, should this be necessary.

And if you discover that it wasn't the right home after all, you can get out of the agreement without having to use your statutory right of withdrawal, which costs 1% of the purchase price. (A special Danish rule)

We only want happy customers

What is a buyer agent?

A buyer's agent is also often called a buyer's broker. Hjælp til huskøb is owned and operated by me - Nicolai Vinum. I have worked with real estate for the past 20 years - first as a real estate agent and since 2012 I have been teaching the real estate agents on the real estate education at Business Academy Aarhus.

As an expert in real estate trading, I can help you with the purchase of any type of real estate. As a former estate agent, I know everything about the legal side, but even more importantly I know everything about the housing market in Denmark.

When you buy real estate, there is a large amount of information about the property you are about to invest in. A property transaction often consists of over 100 pages of documents with all the information available about your future home. There are also many rules for the construction and use of housing that you have to deal with in addition to:

  • Maybe you want to rebuild?

  • Maybe you want to expand the house?

  • Perhaps there are registered easements on the property?

  • Maybe there are plans for sewerage in the area?

  • Maybe there are plans to establish district heating?

  • Maybe there are buildings that are not currently legal to use?

  • Perhaps the home is close to some protected nature?

Hjælp til huskøb can help you with all of this, so that you can have a safe home transaction. 

Do you have questions for your buyer advisor?

Then you have come to the right place

Contact me for a chat about how I can help you.


I'm available by phone every day from 8.00 - 21.00.

Call 9393 0678

Portræt af Nicolai Vinum
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