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Want to know more?

Get in touch as I would love to help you with your home purchase

I have started Hjælp til huskøb (Help buying a house) because I could see that there was a lack of an offer for you - the home buyer. Especially you as a foreign national will experience that most of the documents you are about to encounter are available in Danish only. This is a challenge and therefore you need help and have someone you can trust.

As a home buyer, there is plenty to deal with. You must be able to view the house inspection report and its list of errors and deficiencies. You must keep track of whether there is illegal construction on the property and whether any decisions have been made that affect your home in the future.

In addition, there is the entire economic area with housing taxes, owner expenses and the new rules on assessment that await in 2024. 

As you are about to make the biggest investment of your life, having to make a decision can seem nerve-wracking to say the least. Are you paying too much and is there something hidden in the home that you are not informed about? 

At Hjælp til huskøb my deep knowledge of the housing market through my 20 years in the industry will benefit you in your real estate business!

Hjælp til huskøb is your advisor throughout the entire buying process.

Please contact me as early as possible to find out what I can help you with. I offer both a free purchase screening before you go out and look at the home for the first time. If you have received a purchase agreement for signature, I also offer to review it for free so that you can make sure that it is safe to sign.

The price negotiation must be approached correctly. I offer to supply you with the right arguments if you want to negotiate the price of the home yourself. You can also let me handle the price negotiation with the seller's estate agent.

When the home is bought, I take care of all the legal matters and ensure you the best deal on the best terms!  

I am 100% independent in my advice and I only focus on advising home buyers. I do not receive commissions from banks, insurance companies, mortgage institutions or real estate agents.

You will therefore be assured that I have no other interests than you and your trade.

With best regards

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We only have happy customers

Do you have questions about purchasing a home in Denmark?

Then you have landed in the right place

Contact me for a non-binding chat about what I can help you with.

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