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What is a buyer's advisor?

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. A property transaction is also a complicated process, where there are many rules and pitfalls. The seller has his estate agent, who must advise him and look after his interests.


That is why you need to have an experienced, professional and industry-savvy person by your side. And that is what you call a buyer's adviser or a buyer's broker in everyday speech. The buyer's adviser is your impartial adviser who gives you help and security when you have to buy a house, apartment or holiday home.


In other words, the buyer's advisor is your personal professional who represents you in the purchase.

What are the buyer's adviser's duties?

There are no rules for what a buyer's adviser must offer you as a buyer of real estate. Most buyer advisers help with the core service, which is legal advice in connection with the purchase of real estate.


However, many buyer advisers also offer to negotiate terms and price with the seller's estate agent. Since the buyer's advisor has experience of sitting on the other side of the negotiating table, he knows both the estate agent's arguments and strategy. This usually results in a much better deal for you as the buyer than if you had to negotiate with the seller's estate agent yourself.


Therefore, it is a very good idea to find a buyer's adviser who has experience as a real estate agent. With this, you can also get the broadest advice and the best insight into the home you are about to buy. A buyer's adviser can help with the following tasks, among other things:

  • Finding the right house

  • Examine the condition of the home before you have the house shown

  • Assess whether the price of the house is OK

  • Negotiate the house price on your behalf

  • Negotiate the terms of the house trade for you

  • Legal review of all the property's documents

  • Advise you on the content of the documents and what the purchase means for you

  • Review the purchase agreement and ensure it is fair to both parties

  • Advise you on the content of the purchase agreement and what it means for you

  • Advise on house and change of ownership insurance

  • Advise on the need for joint tenancy agreement, will etc.

  • Coordinating between the bank, estate agent and you as the buyer

  • Ensure that the deed is registered in a timely manner

  • Review the reimbursement statement (period statement so that the parties pay for their own ownership period)

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The buyer's advisor offers deep professional knowledge, insight and experience in all the areas that affect the housing trade and that affect you and your life in the future. The purchase process is not always transparent if you have not tried to buy real estate before.


The buying process contains several pitfalls that can affect both the joy of buying a new home and not least your financial situation in the future. If, on the other hand, you have a buyer advisor on the sidelines, you can get help to avoid these pitfalls, and be sure to always have help and support if there is something you are in doubt about. Many estate agents have started offering buyer advice.


However, it is problematic that the estate agent also tries to look after the buyer's interests. Firstly, it is not legal for the same broker to look after the interests of both the seller and the buyer at the same time. Second, the estate agent chains are often not unbiased, as most have a financial interest in selling you loans, insurance etc. Third, most estate agents are part of a financial supermarket and therefore must try to sell their owner's financial products , insurance etc.

How much does a buyer's advisor cost?

At hjerdtilhuskø, we have fair and transparent prices. We don't think you should pay for more than you need. Our prices appear fromthe price overviewOn our homepage.

We offer to make a free and non-binding screening of the purchase agreement for you before you sign it. Then you can ensure that we subsequently have time to review the content with you before the agreement is finally binding on you. We have the option to return to the seller with any corrections to the agreement, should this be necessary.

And if you discover that it was not the right home after all, you can get out of the agreement without having to use your statutory right of withdrawal, which costs 1% of the purchase price.Read more about the right of withdrawal.

Our services include

Buying real estate should be a joyful process, where you primarily have to think about colors on the walls and where the sofa should be. You should avoid wasting time and money by not having the right adviser.


As a buyer, you have plenty to think about when buying a new home. Decisions must be made on financing, insurance, loan types, etc. For this, you will be handed a quantity of documentation such as a sales statement, condition report, Energy Label, BBR, easements, etc. It can all seem overwhelming and unmanageable when there are so many things to read and put get into.


My best advice to you as a buyer is to simply take a deep breath and break the process down into small steps. Get professional legal and financial help so you can concentrate on planning the move.

Below I have divided the purchase process, so that you as a buyer have the best opportunity to get an overview and peace of mind about your purchase and can experience it as a pleasant process.

Do you have questions about buying a home?

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