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Buyer advice for parental purchases

Buying a new apartment / condominium is a complicated process. There are many rules and pitfalls that you must be able to handle. When it is at the same time to let your child (parental purchase) or parents (reversed parental purchase) live in the apartment, the complexity increases considerably.

In an apartment, there is an owner's association that the owner is obliged to be a member of. Through the owner's association, you thus enter into a financial community with the other owners and the articles of association must therefore be checked thoroughly before the purchase.

When the flat is to be used for letting, the rules in the tenancy legislation must be observed. As a landlord, you must charge the correct rent, to avoid problems with the Rent Board, SKAT and any tenants.

Help for buying a house is on your side throughout the entire parenting process. My advice is based on your wishes and your circumstances. I insure you against unnecessary hassle, unforeseen challenges and unforeseen expenses in connection with your parental purchase!

Advice on parental purchases is based on a 360-degree approach. You get expert advice in all aspects of the parent purchase. I advise you both on the purchase and on the operation of the apartment. You also get a thorough overview of your child's situation when the child rents from you. Did you know, for example, that the child may be entitled to biological allowance when he lives on rent with you?

Help for buying a house is your sparring partner and I can advise on all aspects of the parent purchase. Your buyer adviser Nicolai Vinum is ready to give advice every day from 9.00 - 21.00.You can be called by pressing here.

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Buyer advice for parental purchases

  • Coverage of needs

  • Review of the property's documents

  • Review of the purchase agreement

  • Legal advice on the content of the purchase agreement and documents

  • Preparation ofleasewith the child

  • Advice on tenancy issues

  • Advice on rent determination

  • Approval of rent at the Rent Board

  • Approval of rent at SKAT

Kr. 12,500

Why use a buyer's advisor?

As a home buyer, you usually stand on your own two feet until a purchase agreement is signed.

However, it is a very good idea to get hold of your ownadviser, who can be your sparring partner throughout the transaction. 

Help to buy a house is run by Nicolai Vinum, who has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. I can help you through the entire purchase and I can advise you on everything to do with the purchase. Regardless of whether it concerns the purchase, operation or planning of the sale of the parent purchase.

The earlier you get buyer advice the better

​To get the best advice, it is a very good idea to involve your buyer's adviser as early as possible in the parent purchase.

Help for buying a house, of course, always advises on the legal content of the deal. As part of the advice, I  of course also offer to negotiate with the seller's estate agent. But only if you want to. As a professional negotiator, I know the estate agents' tips and tricks for negotiation. In the end, you usually end up saving money on the purchase if I negotiate for you.

Help for buying a house helps to conclude a deal that meets your interests. It is often of great importance to your apartment purchase that the deal is concluded on the right terms and that your interests and the price are taken into account when the agreement is to be concluded.

When buying an apartment, there are conditions with the home and the association, which the estate agent may not advise you on, but only inform you about. Then it is good to have your own adviser, who knows what importance these matters can have for you as a buyer.

When buying an apartment, it is usually about:

  • Registered articles of association for the owners' association

  • Accounts for the owner's association

  • Liability for hidden faults and defects in the home

  • Security for the owner's association

  • Liability for the owner association's debt to 3 people

When the purchase is a parental purchase, you must also keep track of:

  • Lease law

  • The tax consequences for you and for the child

  • The financing

Help for house purchase counseling for parent buyers comes all the way around the parent purchase.

Contact Help for a house purchase today for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help you safely get started with a parent purchase.Get a call by  by pressing here.

The phases of the home purchase

With Hjælp til huskøb is by your side, you get one contact person who knows you and the housing market, and who is with you every step of the way – so you get the best deal on the best terms

Hjælp til huskøb does a free purchase screening before the showing, so you know what to look for.

1 | Find your dream home

Let a professional handle the negotiation for you. We negotiate the best deal in place for you.

2 | Get the deal in place

Your buyer's adviser reviews all the property's documents and advises you on the contents. You get peace of mind and security and save time and money with our impartial advice.

3 | Get advice on the purchase

Lean back confidently and dream of your new home - Help for house buying has control over the buying process.​

4| Prepare the move

We only want happy customers

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Buyer advice for parental purchases

  • Review of documents and reports

  • Review of the purchase agreement

  • You will receive a written purchase report with advice and guidance 

  • Online meeting where you get dressed to understand what you are buying​

  • Ensuring the best possible trade

  • Preparation of letter of approval

  • Checking deadlines in the agreement

  • Control of deed and reimbursement statement

  • Coordination with bank and estate agent

  • Your personal hotline answers every day from 9.00 - 21.00 

NOK 12.500

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