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That's why you need a buyer's adviser

Your home purchase is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Buying a new home is a joyful event, but there is also a potential risk associated with it.

As the housing market is screwed up in Denmark, there is a bias in the relationship between home buyers and home sellers.


On the one hand, you have the seller and the seller's estate agent. The seller hires a professional adviser who exclusively looks after the seller's interests.


On the other side you have the home buyer. Home buyers usually only seek advice when the deal has been concluded with the seller and a purchase agreement has been signed. It's usually too late!


When home buyers have to buy a new home, many have the opinion that the estate agent helps them with their home purchase.


But that is not the case!

How is the process as a home buyer?

As a home buyer, you usually stand on your own two feet until a purchase agreement is signed. After this, many buyers seek advice from various types of experts.


Traditionally, many home buyers seek buyer advice from a solicitor. The lawyer's advice is legally based and he therefore advises primarily on the content of the purchase agreement.


In and of itself, it is also a sensible solution to seek legal advice to review the purchase agreement.


But there is a much better solution where you get help with your home purchase from start to finish when you are buying a home.

You need to get hold of onebuyer advisor, who can be your sparring partner and advisor in the transaction. You should also preferably find an experienced buyer's adviser who has an overview of the entire process and advises you from start to finish when you are buying a home.

Your buyer's adviser should preferably have a background as a real estate agent. If your buyer's adviser is a former broker, he/she knows everything about the housing market and knows how a housing transaction works.


Once you have got your hands on such an adviser, you can be confident about your home purchase.


Help to buy a house is run by Nicolai Vinum, who has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Read more about what Nicolai Vinum can offer you on the page who is behind:

The earlier you choose to get buyer advice, the better

​To get the best advice, it is a really good idea to involve your buyer's adviser as early as possible in the house purchase. A buyer's adviser with a background as a real estate agent is an experienced dealer and can offer you much more than legal advice when buying a home.

Of course, the buyer's advice always includes legal advice, but a buyer's adviser can also advise on both the price and terms of your home purchase. If you have a buyer's adviser, your home purchase will be more secure and you will often end up saving money.


Your professional buyer's advisor helps you conclude a deal that meets your interests. It is often of great importance for your home purchase that the deal is concluded on the right terms and that your interests and the price are taken into account when the agreement is concluded.


When buying a home, there are often aspects of the home that the estate agent may not advise you on, but only inform you about. Then it is good to have an adviser who knows how important these conditions can be to you as a buyer.


It may be that there are the following conditions at the home:

  • Registered easements

  • Oil tank - buried or above ground

  • Buildings that are not on the BBR owner notification

  • Illegally furnished / used buildings

  • The content of a condition report


When your buyer's advisor inspects the property,property documentsandthe purchase agreementwith you, you get help with the legal consequences of the home purchase for you. Together, you can also create a negotiation strategy that caters to your interests and makes you feel at ease with the home purchase.


A home purchase is not always just about saving money. There may also be conditions with the home that your adviser discovers when he reviews the documents, which make you think twice before buying.


It may also be that the conditions inthe condition reportor in some of the above points, your home purchase will be more expensive than first assumed. Your buyer's adviser will take this into account in the negotiation of price and terms, which the buyer's adviser has with the seller and the seller's broker.


So the sooner you get hold of a buyer's adviser, the better you can make a home purchase. And even if a buyer's advisor costs some money, it is certain that the buyer's advisor will make a profit just by getting the price of the home negotiated down for you!

Underskrift af købsaftale.jpg

Get a free screening of your purchase agreement

Help to buy a house offers to make a free and non-binding screening of the purchase agreement that you have to sign. Then you can ensure that we subsequently have time to review the content with you before the agreement is finally binding on you.

There should preferably be an advisor reservation in section 11 of the purchase agreement. Look for this text:

"Subject to buyer's advisor's approval"

This transaction is conditional on the buyer's having his adviser, cf. section 10 of the purchase agreement, approve the transaction in its entirety. Objections must be received by the seller's estate agent in writing no later than [xx] [ xx] business days after the purchase agreement has been signed by both parties (excluding the day of signature). If no objections have been raised before the expiry of the deadline, the transaction is binding for the buyer, except for any right of withdrawal under the Consumer Protection Act when acquiring real estate. For the sake of order, attention should be drawn to the fact that the withdrawal period according to the law runs concurrently with the objection period according to this provision.

(Source: Danish Real Estate Association's standard phrase)

In my approval of the transaction, I subsequently have the opportunity to return to the seller with any corrections to the agreement, should this be necessary. And if you discover that the home purchase was not right for you after all, you can get out of the agreement without having to use your statutory right of withdrawal, which costs 1% of the purchase price.Read more about the right of withdrawal when buying a house.

At Hjælp til hushkøb you get buyer advice when buying a home. This means that you only have to pay for the buyer's advice when you buy a home. If your trade does not come to fruition, our advice is thus free.

Call Nicolai on phone 9393 0678 to have your purchase agreement screened free and without obligation

You can also send the purchase agreement directly to Hjælptilhuskøb by clicking below:

What can a buyer advisor help you with?

The buyer's advisor makes a review of the propertys documents and looks after your interests in relation to your new home. During the review, the buyer's advisor primarily focuses on the purchase agreement, as it is the very central document of the transaction.

When the buyer's advisor reviews the purchase agreement, there may be reservations in the deal that you must pay particular attention to. The buyer's adviser must approve the purchase agreement before the home purchase is final. This gives you an opportunity to undo the transaction, so that you do not have to use yoursright of withdrawal, which costs money.

The buyer's advisor takes your wishes as a starting point when he prepares his approval.

A buyer's adviser can also help with many other aspects of buying real estate:

  • Find the right home for you

  • Examine the condition of the home

  • Assess the price of the home

  • Negotiate the price on your behalf

  • Negotiate the terms of the house trade for you

  • Review all the property's documents

  • Advise you on the content of relevant documents and what this means for you

  • Review the purchase agreement and ensure that it covers the agreement you and the seller have entered into

  • Advise you on the content of the purchase agreement and what the legal consequences are for you

  • Advise on house and change of ownership insurance.

  • Advise on the need for a joint tenancy agreement, will etc.

  • Coordinating between the bank, estate agent and you as the buyer

  • Ensure that the deed is registered in a timely manner

  • Review the reimbursement statement (A reimbursement statement is a period statement where the ownership expenses are distributed so that the parties pay for their own ownership period)

Buying a home is a complex process where there is a lot at stake for you as a home buyer. Therefore, you should strongly consider getting help from a buyer's adviser who can help you all the way.

What is the price of buyer advice?

The prices for buyer advice vary from adviser to adviser. The amount of advice also varies between the different buyer advisers. Some only take care of the legal aspects, others only prepare approval, deed, reimbursement statement, etc.

My mission in starting Help to buy a house is that I want to be your adviser when buying real estate. I can contribute with a great deal of experience in negotiation and you can get help with all the legal aspects of your new home. So you can get help and draw on all my knowledge and experience with the housing market and housing.


And I want to be with you all the way from the time the home purchase is a good idea until the deal is final!


I only advise home buyers, so you can safely entrust the advice to me. I will not try to sell you anything other than good advice based on your interests.


Therefore, buyer advice from Hjælp til huskøb always includes the traditional buyer advice of a more legal nature. I also offer to prepare you for negotiations with the seller's estate agent - or to completely take over the negotiation with the estate agent.You decide!I put all my knowledge and experience with property trading at your disposal throughout the entire process.

Get the best buyer advice

Help for buying a house advises you on everything to do with your home purchase. I am your buyer's advisor throughout the process and will do everything to get you the best combination of price and terms. 

I know that what is of great importance to you is that what may have started as a good idea ends with a safe home purchase. That is why I am with you throughout the entire process as a guide, helper and advisor.

Contact me to find out how I can help you with your property transaction.

Help for buying a house offers buyer advice, among other thingswhether you are buying a house, apartment, co-operative housing, holiday home or disused farm. Call 9393 0678 or get a call from Nicolai by filling out our contact form.

Do you have questions about your home purchase?

Then you have landed in the right place

Contact me for a non-binding chat about what I can help you with.

Call 9393 0678

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