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Property purchase Juelsminde

Help for house purchases is your professional buyer's adviser who provides buyer's advice in Juelsminde. I am local and know the city and the Juelsminde peninsula like the back of my hand. Pt. I live on a country property just outside Glud - midway between Juelsminde and Horsens.

My advice is based on your needs and wishes. I am 100% independent and have no other interest than doing the best for you.

I only represent home buyers, so you are guaranteed a safe transaction. I insure you against unnecessary hassle, unforeseen challenges and unforeseen expenses in connection with your home purchase!

Help for buying a house is your sparring partner and advisor who is available throughout the transaction. I have the overview and you can get answers to all your questions when you have to buy a home. Call me on 9393 0678 to discuss your property transaction. You can call any day.

Get a secure home purchase in Juelsminde!

As a home buyer, you usually stand on your own two feet until a purchase agreement is signed.

However, it is a really good idea to get buyer advice, regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or have bought a home before. Help for buying a house can guide and guide you through the entire house purchase.

I have experience as a real estate agent and thus have an overview of the entire purchase process. I can advise you on the legal aspects of the deal, whether the price is right and whether there are any conditions in the area that you should be aware of.

In Juelsminde there are many homes in the town and in the catchment area. Because of my local knowledge, I can advise on everything to do with the home. I follow the local media and therefore know what the plans are and how it will affect your housing trade.

Extensive experience with the holiday home market in Juelsminde, As Vig, Pøt Strandby and Snaptun. No matter where you look for a holiday home, I know the area inside and out. In Juelsminde there are many summer houses on both rented land and private land. Therefore, I can advise you on the importance of this form of ownership when you are looking at a holiday home.

My advice is 100% impartial - I only advise home buyers and have no other interest than securing the best deal for you.

Picture of Mads-Peder's house

Nicolai was an invaluable support in connection with the big leap, which is when you throw yourself into buying a house.

He had a huge "know how" in the area and could point out pitfalls and points of attention.

Mads-Peder, Juelsminde

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Do you have questions about your home purchase?

Then you have come to the right place

Contact me for a chat about how I can help you.


I'm available by phone every day from 8.00 - 21.00.

Call 9393 0678

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Søborgvej 4, Glud

7130 Juelsminde

Telephone: 9393 0678


Liability insured through HDI Denmark

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